This blue-tufted bird has proven, that pigeons can compete in beauty even with peacocks
We have all known for a long time, that nature is the best artist, talented architect and consummate sculptor. She skilfully combines completely different things, creating something new
The pink puppy, named Piglet was born deaf and blind. But he grew up and started to help others
The puppy named Piglet was born unusual from all sides-he himself turned out to be pink, and also deaf and blind. But all this little things didn’t become
The kitten defended the delicacy so much, that it turned into an absolute evil. And his roar is a proof
Little furry kittens only in appearance are the embodiment of cuteness: you never know at what moment an absolute evil will wale up inside the tailed adorable, capable
The girl went for an ordinary corgi and received 25 kilograms dog. He is also a corgi-only a huge one
The girl named Savannah Nguyen wanted to get herself a dog and decided to take a dog named Noah. His owner could no longer take care of the
The volunteer sheltered the puppy, that lived in a boot. What is the puppy like now?
The Serbian volunteer could be considered as a kind angel for the homeless puppy. The man has been taking care of animals for a long time, that doesn’t
The man didn’t close his car’s windows and it was nearly hijacked. A little, because the criminals had paws
Vocation outside the city-what could be better? Nature, clear air, fluffy bears trying to steal your car-perfect! This is the kind of extreme vocation, that Chad Morris and
The tiger trampled a circle out of boredom, when the employees found out what this meant they were shocked
This story is about a tiger, who became so sad that psychologists came to his aid. Most recently a video appeared on the social network in which a
The station provides accommodations for homeless dogs, moreover it provides each with its own bed
There are many homeless animals in the world, that so much need food and warmth. Today we will tell you an amazing story about how kind people sheltered
This cat has more fingers, than usual, but this doesn’t prevent him from being loved and adorable
Last Spring, American Olivia Day sheltered a homeless ginger cat, who, despite a huge barking dog, rushed to her feet. She took the poor fellow home to warm,
The woman sheltered a sick dog, cured it and now it is unrecognisable
Once Loren Bakly already saved the dog, that should have put to sleep. 4 years have passed since and the woman decided to help one more sick dog,
The police released the possum, who “took prisoner” the housewife
Getting into a stupid situation is as easy as shelling pears: sometimes it’s enough to went out of the house. Or not. A woman in New Zealand unexpectedly
The man found six little bald puppies. Care and love made them real beauties
One cold December morning a man was walking through the forest and found six little bald puppies. The poor puppies looked terrible and hugged each other to keep