The tiniest horsy in the world considers itself a bulldog

The story of Peabody’s horse is both sad and happy, and the final of him is still open. From the nature’s point of view the horse should not have been born at all but people decided differently.

Peabody has difference neither in beauty nor in intellect. The horsy is just very small.

Calling a spade a spade, then Peabody is nor a horse, but an unviable freak, doomed to quick death. Because of his short height he simply did not reach the udder of the mare’s mother and could not feed. He also has crooked legs, a crooked jaw, gastrointestinal problems and little things. A creature that will not survive without human help, but help came in time.

Peabody’s height is a little more than 40 cm. He is the same size as that of Penelope’s bulldog.

Peabody was attracted by animal lover Vera Faith, who took him literally before being put to sleep and took him to the other end of the country. She brought up the baby, made orthopedic shoes for hima so that he could run. The jaw grows and straightens out, for this reason he will soon stop sticking out his tongue. But veterinarians are sure that he will actually never grow up.

However, Peabody doesn’t actually want to be a horse. He is not practically acquainted with them, but since the first days is together with the dogs . Habits and demeanor are all like those of dogs.

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