The favorite of the whole yard, the dog Lassie rushed into the bushes and disappeared. The whole yard went out in search of her

Lassie was loved by the whole yard. When Irina went out for a walk with the dog, starting from the entrance, the kids ran to them from the sandbox. Lassie happily wagged her tail, played with them as much as the kids demanded. Only in exceptional cases did she make it clear that she went out for a walk for some reasons. That she first needs to do all the doggy business, and only then return to the games.

If in the circle of kids Lassie jumped and had fun, then with the older generation she behaved much more restrained, but still just as affectionate. And naturally she made the whole big yard to love her. True, this was also the merit of the owner: Irina always regularly kept Lassie clean.

– Before you appeared, the neighbors paid little attention to me! And now we are always in the centre of attention! – Irina told the pet a little jealously. Lassie just wagged her tail at this.

One day they were having their usual walk without thinking of something strange or unusual. Lassie was again greeted on the doorstep, scratching a little behind the ear. Then the dog decided to run a little on the far side of the yard, where the forest planting began. Irina slowly followed the dog. She was absolutely not worried, because it was her own yard, where Lassie knew every bush.

But this time Lassie behaved a little different. Most likely, she saw an unfamiliar cat or mouse. A dormant hunting instinct woke up in the domestic dog – and Lassie blew in the direction of the trees with such agility, which the owner had never expected from her.

But even here Irina was not particularly worried.

“She’s not a fool doggy. She will understand whene to return,” thought Irina and decided to wait a little. Only seven minutes later she started calling out to Lassie. But the dog was in no hurry to leave the bushes.

– Lassie! Lassie, come to me, honey! – the hostess began to shout, but it didn’t work either.

One after another,  the neighbors approached Irina. The older boys immediately went to the forest plantation, the kids joined the “team”. Even some old women, who usually did not leave the benches, joined the “rescue operation”. Ten minutes later, the whole yard was alarmed, but the dog was never found.

And it is not known how long the search would have continued if one of the boys had not run home to fetch water. He found Lassie. A little out of breath, but quite happy with life, the little dog sat at the doorstep with the air: “Well, I walked for a walk. Now I’ll wait for the owner  to walk up and go home together. ”

A little hauling was waiting for Lassie at home.

“Twenty people are looking for her, climbing the bushes, but she doesn’t respond! Did you forget your name? No, I will definitely turn gray with you ahead of time! – Irina scolded her ward.

However, Lassie was not very impressed. She was sure that the owner would love her anyway. And she was ready herself  to reciprocate – even if Irina is at least completely gray-haired …

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