This Chihuahua was taken to an animal shelter with the verdict “too biting”

In the United States, you cannot just bring and take an animal to a shelter; when filling out the papers, you must indicate a valid reason for that. And in most cases, when it concerns a dog, it says “biting without reason.” Because if you honestly write “ I am sorry for the money that I spend on the pet” or “ I am tired”, then animal rights activists are unlikely to take your side. And now it became known somehow that one day a chihuahua had been taken to an orphanage in Los Angeles, who is “very spiteful.”

Yeah, this is the toothed monster named Quarter. The shelter staff were skeptical, but rules are rules. In fact, the feature of biting is not a fault of the dog, the essential role is given to the upbringing and level of aggression. An experienced dog specialist can correct both, but first Quarter had to sit in quarantine. Again these are the rules for the biting dogs.

Quarantine is a few weeks of solitude locked up in a cage, without contact with people and other dogs. And if something happens there was no responsibility for the shelter , the rules are different for aggressive animals. Only three weeks later, Quarter was sent to the veterinarian for an examination – it was  time to draw up documents for the transfer to new potential owners. And how did the creature feel himself all this time?

Quarter is not just  a nickname, not a dog’s name. So the nickname Quarter was given to him, because a quarter of this Chihuahua was of a different breed. They wrote down the name “Teddy” for the pet in the documents and instructed an experienced employee to take him home and observe. It was then that it became clear that if there was anything wrong with Teddy, it was only the fear that he had. Well, also a burning desire to find a normal family.

Biting and barking at people, pissing in slippers and crunching on furniture was out of the question. Teddy was very quiet, he  only timidly looked at the faces of those around him. It became clear that they simply got rid of the dog under a convenient excuse. And if so, then you can safely look for new owners for him – this Chihuahua will not hurt anyone.

And so it happened, very quickly Teddy got new owners and moved to their house in another state. This became another lesson for the staff of the shelter that there are no obstacles for those who at first obtain little animal, and then do everything to get rid of it in any way.

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