What happens if you scratch behind a big lynx’s ear?

A lynx is an affectionate and kind creature who can conceal cunning and malice, and a formidable predator may turn out to be a meek and friendly cat. His name is Tom and he loves sleeping in a box, although he is not a pet. They say that Tom is passionately asking for hugs and to be scratched behind the ear.

Look at these paws!  It can break the back of a deer with one blow. And in the narrow squint of the lynx’s eyes there is a flame of bloodlust and a natural urge to kill. Tom was born in a nursery at the reserve, so he is not a domesticated animal, but  a “humanized” one – he does not perceive people as a prey or an enemy, so you can try to stroke or scratch him. But not every lynx allows such liberties with itself.

As a kitten, Tom quickly realized that human hands can scratch much better than he himself on trees and branches. And … addicted. On the first sight, you can’t say that a large and powerful male lynx is so sentimental, but just look what he really wants!

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