The dog ran to meet the owner happily – and backed away in fright immediately. We are telling how the new haircut almost drove the dog crazy

Dog Leslie was sleeping peacefully on his couch, suddenly turned his ear – and immediately jumped. Some inner feeling told him that the time was approaching it was half-past six. And this was his favorite time of day – the time when the owner Anya came home from work.

From each such return, Leslie put on a real show. As soon as the girl began to clatter the keys, he pushed the door from the inside, trying to help the loved owner get into the apartment as soon as possible. Then he run around the owner  three or four circles and threw his paws over her. If he was lucky, we could lick Anya in the nose.

“I’m so glad, so glad! – as if the dog wanted to say. – And it doesn’t matter at all that it happens every day at the same time! For me, your return is always a holiday! ”

And now Leslie listened to every step on the stairs. And still he could not catch the familiar smell, which led him into a real panic. If the dog had been more attentive, he would have remembered that Anya had warned her in the morning that she would go to the hairdresser’s after work. But Leslie was completely busy at that moment with having  breakfast.

It was almost eight o’clock, the time when Leslie used to go for an evening walk. Not surprisingly, the doggie was completely depressed.

And then he felt a familiar smell, heard footsteps and such a familiar jingle of keys!

Leslie was ready to jump one and a half meters and lick the hostess! He impatiently beat his paw on the door and almost jumped out into the entrance. True, he immediately performed some strange feelings  and jumped back into the back of the hallway.

It  did not seem that Anya radically changed her image. In fact, she seriously shortened her hair and colored her hair, which almost drove Leslie crazy. On the one hand,  it was a familiar smell, but on the other hand, something is not right.

“Who are you? What did you do with Anya? Did you eat it? “He had completely forgotten that, in fact, he had to guard the home. On the contrary, the dog moved back to the room and was about to sneak out under the bed.

– Leslie, what are you doing? Baby come to me! Anya shouted. And the dog, hearing her owner’s voice, overcame fears and doubts – and rushed to the hostess.

A couple of minutes later Leslie and Anya had already gone out for an evening walk. The dog ran merrily around the hostess, but then he stopped, carefully looking into her face.

“And what is she planning to change in her appearance? No matter. I like any type of hers, ” thought Leslie. And there was no one happier in the world …

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