The newborn fox lost his mother, but found comfort in the arms of someone else

Such an exciting welcome by the kind dog!

All newborns need to stay under the strong care of their mothers during the first days of their lives. It can be challenging for them to live separately. Especially for wild animals it’s very dangerous, because they can be attacked by others.

Our today’s hero, a little fox, had such a difficult beginning of life when he lost his mother in a car accident. The poor animal was in need, because he must get maternal love and care.

It’s obvious what would happen with him, if the kind rescuers didn’t find him. At first the baby was taken to a vet, where he got all the medical examination. Luckily, he didn’t have any health problem and was in a good condition.

The life of the little creature changed, when Angelika and Werner decided to adopt him and took him home. The cutie got the name Dinozzo and adapted to his new environment easily.

Dinozzo shares the house with other animals – two piglets, a dog and two cats. Although all the pets welcomed their new member with happiness and befriended with him at once, the dog Ziva showed much more attention and care towards the baby.

The caring dog treats him as his own baby and never leaves his side. He knows that the fox needs love and care, so he does his best to provide him with everything he needs.

Seeing that these creatures have such a strong bond is really pleasant and such things can happen rarely. Having a loving friend like Ziva means a lot to the little fox, and he is lucky enough to have found such a wonderful family.

They play, run, eat, sleep and relax together. Not only the parents but also the whole world is attracted by their friendship.

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