16 Pets Who Were Adorable Fatties But Turned Into No Less Adorable Slim Cuties 

Taking care of a pet is the main task of a loving and caring owner.  This means that people must monitor the health, well-being and even the weight of their pets.  Of course, no one wants to limit the pleasure of eating tasty food for our tailed comrades and delight them with various delicacies, but in this case our four-legged comrades run the risk of turning into fatties!  Of course, this does not diminish our love for them, but the golden rule “A healthy mind in a healthy body” refers to our pets as well; which means that returning them to their previous form is the best manifestation of care for your beloved pet!

Today we have collected  16 pictures of cats and dogs for you that have overcome excess weight, and this made their owners proud of their furry comrades.

My sister’s dog is making big progress in weight loss!

Mr Jacky’s transformation. 

My elderly neighbor couldn’t take her dog for a walk , so I decided to do it instead of her.

I’m so glad that our walks made my friend better.

My kitten has lost a lot of weight!

A journey to health and slimness. 

Jacky has become noticeably slimmer.

Two years of diet and active walks, and our baby got in shape.

Our beautiful Jessie  became a slender girl.

Rosie coped with excess weight.

Frankie brags about his weight loss progress.

It’s been two years since we took Robby  home. Now it weighs half as much as it used to be and I’m proud of it.

This sausage has lost 15 kilograms.

Pinky was constantly chasing our puppy and thanks to this she was able to lose weight. 

My dog ​​can now become a motivator for everyone who is losing weight.

I put my good-looker on a diet, and here is the result.

Obis was able to lose half of his weight after finishing his low-calorie diet.

We hope that the heroes of our article will continue to keep themselves in such great shape!

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