The Owner Taught Three Maine Coons to Massage Her and Now She Enjoys the Procedure

All cat owners know about the adorable habit of the pets shifting from foot to foot when they want to get their comfortable position. Experts have their own opinion about this – why and how they do it, and the Maine Coon breeder from Russia, Catherine Valyushkina, found the most correct use of this ability. After all, the Maine Coon is not only 3-4 kg of thick wool, but it can also be an impressive massage machine!

As Catherine says, it was not difficult to train the cats not only to play, but to do an almost full-fledged massage. Yes, from the first sight it looks like three cats together are treading on their owner. And that’s all. But if one time heavy soft paws will stomp on you for 10 minutes, you will also feel a positive effect. And you can always turn on the other side to substitute another part of the body for a wonderful massage.

Along with the massage, the cats also lull her to sleep with a purr – a bright sign that they enjoy the process themselves. Maine Coons seem to be created for such an occupation with their dimensions, and , therefore Catherine enjoys the massage every day.

What a wonderful procedure? Would you like to be in Catherine’s place ?

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