The Dog Saw a Squirrel For the First Time in Its Life

Animals sometimes surprise us even more than people.  They know how to express emotions, and sometimes they do it in a so sincere and funny way that it is simply impossible not to smile.  In the United States, a dog saw a squirrel on TV, and there was an expression of genuine interest and surprise in its eyes. 

Stella lives in the United States with her caring owners, who took the pet from a shelter in Canada.  The dog has an interesting life; it often goes out for walks with its owners and runs down the streets.  But one of her favorite things to do is watching squirrels.  Stella goes out into the yard, lies in a  comfortable pose and waits for the cute and little squirrels to please it with their presence.  Moreover, the dog does not chase the animals, but just happily watches them.

But in winter, due to the cold and bad weather, Stella spends almost all its time at home, and the squirrels do not show up.  One day the loving owners decided to please their pet.  They turned on the channel “Dog TV”, which was broadcasting a documentary about animals.  The screen showed scenes with chipmunks, birds and of course squirrels which were adored by Stella.


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At first, the dog showed no interest in television, and it did not even watch it before.  But noticing squirrels on the screen, Stella was literally fascinated and could not take her eyes off.  Its reaction betrayed its emotions; surprise, delight and happiness.  Stella’s owner Bronwyn Crawford noticed the expression on her pet’s face and immediately took the phone to film it.

The owner of the emotional dog shared a funny video on TikTok, and the video has already gained about 400 thousand views there.  Everyone was so fascinates with Stella.  Some admired the genuine emotions of the animal, others just laughed heartily.  And some people tried to figure out what is going on in the heads of pets at such moments.  One commenter suggested that Stella could not hide the wonder from the fact that squirrels suddenly appeared from somewhere in her house.

Now Stella’s resourceful owners regularly include videos of it with squirrels, which the dog can watch for an hour without taking his eyes off the screen.

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