The sweet relationships between a lioness and her saviour, who has a vital role in the man’s life

An adorable story of a sweet lioness and her saviour 

A man named Anthony Gruner rescued a little lion baby almost 10 years ago. And from that day their friendship started and the man began looking after the baby.

The lioness is named Saga and she now lives in Okavango wildlife area with her saviour. The man dedicated all his life to the lioness and almost never leaves the park area.

The park was the place Anthony saw the lioness for the first time. The man treated the lioness as his own baby. Over time they had become close friends and harboured affections to one another.

The man even created a huge park almost 2000 acres of land only for the lioness and now the animal runs to hug the man as soon as she sees him.

The sweet friends even had an Instagram account with almost 79000 followers. The animal is so accustomed to people, that she easily allows them to get close to her.

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