The lost dog appeared in the shelter and was absolutely happy to find his owners again

The sweet reunion of a dog and his family

One day one of the workers of the shelter was approaching the shelter when he saw a poor little puppy, that was chained to the fence. The puppy was immediately taken to the shelter by the worker. But the poor puppy was frightened a lot, as he didn’t understand he was rescued.

One volunteer told, that the puppy was very frightened, especially seeing new people. But he calms down after giving sweets or meeting another puppy. Day by day the puppy began getting used to his new life. And also shelter staff was trying to find the best family for the puppy.

But when they looked for new adopters they saw, that the puppy also had a family, who searched for him all the time.

And the family found out their puppy was found and they were absolutely happy. Happily, the puppy was finally reunited with his family and he couldn’t hide his emotions when he saw them. What a sweet reaction. Just look at the video.

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