The Orangutans Are Friends with Otters at the Zoo

The most unusual friendship!

An unusual relationship between otters and orangutans has developed at the Pairi Daiza Zoo, located in Cambron-Casteau (Brujlette, Belgium).

Orangutans Sari and Yudjian, along with their firstborn cub Berani made friends with numerous representatives of the otter family which live in the river that flows next to the aviary of anthropoid monkeys.

Two factors are very important for the welfare of captive primates; the size of the enclosure and the actual style of their life,” says Mathieu Gödefroy, a zoo worker. “This means that orangutans, with which humans share 97% of their DNA, must be constantly entertained and kept mentally, emotionally and physically engaged.”

We have a very strong enrichment program which is specifically designed for orangutans. Our keepers entertain the monkeys all day with smart games, riddles, puzzles and more other things in order to train their intelligence.

And otters love to get out of the water and visit orangutans to play with their big friends. In particular, baby Berani and its father Yudjian have developed a special relationship with many of their neighbors. “

This is Father Eugian, which is already 24 years old.

It became friends with otters especially.

This is 4-year-old Berani which loves to play with its new friends.

Berani is very curious and it loves to play hide and seek.

Such unusual relationships do happen!

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