A Husky Tully Considers Himself a Cat and Doesn’t Want to Believe That He Is a Dog

Which is stronger innate reflexes and genetic rules or learning new habits? Many people have no answer but there is a clear example that the second point sometimes interrupts the first one. A vivid example of this paradox is Tully the husky, who is neither a husky nor quite a dog.

This is Tully.

He doesn’t know the commands to “sit” and “lie down”, but he likes to do it with his paws tucked under himself.

Tully loves boxes!

Although it is difficult to find a box appropriate for the cutie’s size.

It all started when Tully was about two months and he got into an animal shelter and from there – to new owners.

Everything that is known about his former life is that the puppy was surrounded by cats from childhood and managed to adopt basic habits from them.

It is unknown to what extent Tully considers himself a cat. No one is going to change his mind, so it will remain a mystery.

Tully likes to sit by the window and watch what’s going on outside or to sunbathe like a cat.

He doesn’t gnaw the shoes or clothes , but he will gladly play in a puddle or take something to tear apart.

He is considered to be a Husky only for others nor for the family, so that there are fewer questions.

Yes, the bag on the head is a real problem!

And when the cutie sleeps he tries to twist like a cat.

Tully behaves like a cat he will not attack you, but will wait for the moment and throw an object off the table or steal a treat from the kitchen.

And Tully also takes advantage of the fact that his fur allows him not to stick to warm places and therefore loves to hide anywhere where a normal cat would never have thought.

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