The Girl Decided to Have Dinner, When She Suddenly Noticed That Four Pairs of Eyes Were Watching Her

An Australian, Kelsey Panda decided to dine alone in the fresh air. The choice fell on a large tree not far from the house. Having started the meal, the girl noticed how she was being watched.

At first I noticed some movement in the tree and coming closer, I saw this tiny guy “- said the girl.

There was a hunting spider on a lichen-covered tree trunk.

This type of spider has an incredible camouflage. Disguise helps you to blend in with your surroundings and hunt your prey without the help of cobwebs.

If the arthropod didn’t make any movements, most likely, Kelsey wouldn’t notice it even when she came close to the tree.

Due to the fact that the hunting spider prefers various insects as food, many Australians do not get rid of them, even if they are indoors. The spider helps to get rid of dangerous pests without harming humans.

“I was mesmerized by his appearance!”

The girl wasn’t afraid of the guest and, after a couple of successful shots, she continued her meal.

This is my dinner bonus. I took some pictures of it, continued to eat and decided to leave, so as not to disturb her new neighbor. “

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