Huxley the Puppy Got Bored During the Flight and He Decided to Amuse the Passengers and His Owner

The name of this adorable puppy is Huxley and he became famous as the funniest and the most hilarious passenger on the plane from Ibiza to London. It was the first air flight in his life and he was his owner’s companion whose name is Daphne.

The dog’s character is incredibly inquisitive and restless, and for this reason in a short time it became boring for him just to stay in the cabin on the plane and he decided to make all sorts of funniest things that led all the passengers to an explosion of sincere laughter.

He immediately made it clear that he needed increased attention from the owner, but soon he got tired of sitting only with the owner, since there was an unfamiliar and such an interesting atmosphere around. First, he decided to sit down with the man in the front seat.

Fortunately, the passenger turned out to be an animal lover and greeted Huxley very happily, but even that wasn’t enough for him. All this time Daphne tried to calm down the naughty pet, but he wasn’t going to obey the girl.

Tired of his new friend Huxley decided to stick his face between the seats, but the seat was too narrow. He unsuccessfully stuck out his tongue, curled his lips and bared his teeth. These actions made the whole salon laugh.

The owner took several pictures of her dog’s funny actions and posted these grimaces on the social network. The cutie became a real celebrity on the Web in a couple of days and his photos scored thousands of likes, reposts and comments.

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