A White Tigress and a White Lion Gave Birth to Incredibly Beautiful Cubs . These Creatures Are Unique

Meet a unique couple։ the lion Ivory and the tigress Saravasti. Lions and tigers are naturally considered to be of different species of the feline family but they sometimes become an interesting pair. And if a white lion and a white tigress make up a couple then this phenomenon is truly unique.

The possibility of creating such a pair and even the birth of their cubs is incredibly small. Now the population of the white tigers is only 1200 and the white lions are even less -only 300.

Therefore, when seven years ago the white lion and the white tigress made a couple it became a real sensation for the animal world. They met in a park in South Carolina. This incredible place is a wildlife sanctuary for the rare species and here everyone has a unique opportunity to admire rare animals from a close distance.

And so Sarasvati gave birth to four cubs, “ligers”. They are half tigers and half lions. They are incredibly cute and they are the only representatives of this species in the whole world. There are 1000 ligers in total in the whole world.

The ligers were named Yeti, Sampson, Odlin and Apollo. Each of them has its own interesting character. The most beautiful cutie is Apollo as we might guess from the nickname. He is also very cunning and adores being picked up and stroked.

The biggest cutie is the Yeti. He is very active and loves to play and fight for a joke. At the age of six weeks the weight of each of them is already seven kilos and they are growing at a very fast pace and one day these cubs will become the largest cats all over the world.

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