An Alpaca Went to an Optics Store in France and Was Choosing Glasses for Half an Hour.  The Owner Had to Carry Her Away in His Arms

On January 18 a cute young alpaca was seen on the streets of a small French town. According to SWNS the brave animal escaped from the farm and in order not to return into the wild this cutie went closer to the civilization. When walking through the city center she apparently decided that she needed glasses and went to an optics store. The beauty approached the shelves calmly and began to examine the assortment not noticing the amazed glances of the visitors and sellers. She behaved herself like a well-mannered alpaca but the store workers still called the police.

Photographer Pierre-Yves Nicholas told that he was working in his studio when he noticed an alpaca entering a nearby store. He took the camera and followed the unusual customer. It was Pierre who captured the shopping of the mysterious stranger.

The cutie decided that she needed new fashionable glasses and of course she went to the local optics for this reason.

She calmly walked in the store and looked into the mirrors very carefully.

The buyers and sellers were a little confused but they didn’t drive the unusual guest away.

The employees closed the doors in order to prevent the beauty from running out into the street and getting hit by the cars. Every customer is important to the employees of this store and they took care of her safety.

They gave the cutie the opportunity to examine the assortment and at this time they reported to the police.

Half an hour later a policeman and the cutie’s owner came for the little creature who took her home very carefully.

Alpaca the cutie wasn’t very happy with the arrival of the owner, because she hadn’t bought anything yet and was planning to continue her shopping. Alas, she returned to the farm where she can tell her friends what she did in the city and how she was filmed by a local photographer.

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