A sweet dog, who easily befriends with every visitor of the cafe

The puppy, who feels other people’s pain and smooths them

One day an Argentinian coffee shop owner named Camila Gallando saw a homeless dog, that was in a very bad condition and found a shelter under the owning of her cafe. The weather outside was very cold and stormy. She took the dog into her cafe and considered keeping her for some time as she liked it.

The cafe is called Dickens and after adopting the puppy, which she named Corchito the shop seemed to have a great success.

The puppy got used to his new life just immediately. Corchito has a very important role in the cafe, he immediately befriends with the cafe’s customers. Usually, people visit the cafe alone and the puppy sits next to them just immediately. Corchito sits next to the people just to look at them and be attentive to their stories.

At first, many visitors misunderstood Corchito but were surprised by his friendly nature. All the visitors love Corchito and are happy to receive his love.

Corchito is friendly towards everyone, but he especially adores elder people and those in need. There was a woman, who recently lost her husband and now comes to the cafe alone. She visits the cafe, sits next to Corchito and talks to him for a long time. The puppy appears to have a special sense of understanding other’s pain and smooths them. He is an amazing dog.

Corchito looks not only after the visitors, but also Camila’s adopted dogs. People simply visit Dicken’s cafe for Corchito’s sweet appearance.

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