A puppy experiences snow for the first time and his reaction is caught on camera

There are contradictory opinions about the coming of winter, whereas some people, as well as animals are really obsessed with snow and it can only be a true pleasure for them. Some of them appear to be fond of the white snowflakes beautifully falling into the ground and really adore playing in deep snow.

In this scene, we can witness the very first time this dog encounters with the delight of snow. The moment was luckily filmed by the owner and, originally, appearing on Twitter obtained millions of viewers and then was shared all over the world impressing absolutely everyone making them admire the awesome creature’s precious reaction.

The dog was only a few months old, once the owner determined to put him into experience as it was the first time it snowed heavily in that year. Yet she had no idea her fluffy friend would be affected this much. Perhaps, some of you may suppose the dog might not like the snow because of its cold, but, it is especially due to its cold that dogs become more energetic and active. As a result, they literally fall in love with the snow. The dog is now excited every time it snows and enjoys playing with the snow accompanied with his owner.

In fact, snow is a real fun, whether you are an animal or a child or even an adult human.

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