“A Real Selfie Lover”- Manny the Catty Likes Taking Funny Selfies With Big Guard Dogs

 An Instagram user named Yoerm Ahm started an Instagram account in 2014 where he started to share some GoPro camera shots which usually involved the wildlife miracles he met. 

Howbeit, he couldn’t even imagine that one day he will meet a selfie star as it happened in the near future. There was a gray catty named Manny who once decided to take his GoPro camera and take such a cute selfie. And what’s more interesting is that it all happened by chance. 

When Manny met Yorem he was a stray catty who was clearly looking for a place to live and the kind couple welcomed the cutie pie into their home. 

“One day the cutie just appeared and since then he hasn’t left,” – told Yorem.  

Yorem and his kind- hearted wife sheltered other doggies and catties as well and they quickly made best friends with him though he was not an ordinary cat.

His chic and charisma soon made him the “leader” of the flock and he started to regularly appearance  on Yorem’s Instagram. 

Every time the cutie was photographed  it was clear to daddy Yorem that Manny the catty literally enjoyed being in the spotlight. 

“He is so curious and whenever I take pictures of my dogs he just grabs the camera and tries to take it from me,” Yorem tells. 

There appeared Manny the photo-star. 

Once orem was doing the usual photoshoot for his Instagram account with Manny the catty and his two dogs when something strange happened. 

It was this day that Manny learned to use the camera by chance when he took the camera during a photoshoot one day,” said Yorem. 

The results were miraculous, because from that moment on Manny was able to take a selfie by himself and with many other creatures. 

Yorem couldn’t help laughing at the frisky and cute photos that Manny the catty made and so he decided to upload one of them in Instagram. 

From that moment on Manny the cutie became a social network phenomenon and got the title of a  “Selfie Cat.” 

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