Woman fixed a feeder camera in order to look at wild animals eating in her backyard

With all the miracles of nature, which are always around us, even having a really good device and knowing how to get a good picture, it isn’t a simple task. And as these birds couldn’t stand still for a moment in order to take a picture, it’s actually hard. Nevertheless, the German woman, who is now living in the USA has found an idea to do so. 

A German woman, named Lisa Ostdrossel has lived in Michigan. From the very beginning of her living in the USA, she has noticed, that she had continual visits from wild birds. Accordingly, Lisa starts feeding them, photographing them and sending to her relatives to Germany. 

At first she started with a small pocket camera and than moved to a DSLR one, in order to photograph wildlife closely. After some time she understood, that she must make her own home-made camera.  

Lisa had a brilliant idea to capture the delicacy of Michigan’s wildlife by fixing a camera in her garden. And every morning she leaves a bowl of food in her garden for various animals. And the results were amazing, all the animals were captured. After these photos were published and made a benefit.

“I like to see the beautiful patterns of the birds, their colours and of course amusing poses. And the idea of these photos are to publish them and share it with the world and impress other people by my creations.” 

There are many different species of birds, that Lisa captured and the most amazing are hummingbirds.

The birds really appreciate Liza’s creativity, because many of them visit the garden frequently for the food, that Lisa leaves outdoors. “The birds are returning, and I can recognize them by their marks.”

During this time many species of birds are captured by Lisa, thanks to her love of the animals. Her hobby has brought her fame and success. And here are some marvellous colours and beauty of the birds.


 You can follow Lisa’s official pages.

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