A kind-hearted woman determined to give support to a poor animal who did not have parents

Jessica Adams, an american, found a little tiny squirrel, which, seemingly, fell on the ground from the nearest nest during the strong wind. His parents and the nest were not found and she decided to take the cutie to her home.

Jessica thought that the poor animal would die.

Every night the woman checked if everything was normal and the squirrel was well. The baby spent his first day in the new house very well.

The name of the little animal was Steve.

The careful woman gave milk to him and due to the kindness of the humanity, the miserable creature became strong and active.

Later the squirrel could have its own apartment on the street.

After some time, Jessica came back home and saw that Steve disappeared.
Nevertheless, later Steve came back — he was searching for food. In that moment the woman understood that her baby wanted to become independent and she had to trust him and be calm.

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