This 34-year-old woman hasn’t had her hair cut since the age of 5: How does she look now?

Here is what the woman looks like who hasn’t had a haircut for 30 years

Many people dream of having gorgeous long hair, whereas they don’t take two essential conditions into consideration: first, a relatively long time is required for hair in order to grow and constant care is needed to keep them beautiful and healthy.

This absolutely unique woman at her 34 named Alyona comes from Odessa, Ukraine and, in fact, she had enough patience as well as wonderful genes in order to achieve such fantastic results. Now she can boast of her 1.8 M long hair.

The woman listened to her mother’s advice and has been growing her hair without having them cut or trimmed since the age of 5.

She mentions that her mother always encouraged her to grow her hair.

Though she has already grown up her hair, Alyona is not going to stop.

The woman confesses that she doesn’t really imagine herself without long hair and her natural hair color.

Regardless of the fact that a lot of time and care is actually needed and she hasn’t even thought of cutting or complaining about it.

She claims it isn’t hard for her to wear and take care of such hair as it has been a part of her for almost 30 years.

In order to keep her hair healthy and shiny, Alyona doesn’t use a hair dryer and constantly applies special nourishing products.

For Alyona, it is taboo to dry wet hair, use hair dryers or curlers. She washes her hair once a week and lets it dry itself. And, of course, she always eats healthy food, homemaker cheese, nuts, vegetables and fruits are an inseparable part of her staple diet.

Her main advice for those who crave for having beautiful and long hair is as follows: love and take care of it.

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