A Heartwarming Bond: The Delightful Relationship Between Humans and the Wombat

Adorable relationship between humans and a wombat 😊🤗

Kind people named Bronte and Linda raised a wombat named Wardoo. At fist when the animal was small he needed round-the-clock care and Linda had to raise him on her chest as the animal could feel her heart beating.

Wombats must be kept warm and Linda must bottle feed Wardoo every four hours. It wasn’t an easy thing to raise the small wombat, as he required a lot of attention and time.

When Wardoo was a baby he was absolutely sweet and he showed a lot of love and affection towards his owners. But everything changed when Wardoo became older.

He has become bitting Linda and Bronte’s ears, getting into the dog’s bed and causing a lot of trouble. He adores the laundry and will jump into the clothes dryer when the door is open.

Although he was very naughty, Linda adores him.

Wardoo makes his family happy every day and they can’t imagine their lives without him. Wardoo has befriended with his dad a lot and he enjoys being outside with him and jumping in and out of his arms.

The government didn’t allow Wardoo be to released back to the wild, but Linda and Bronte will do everything to give him love and affection and help him develop his natural instincts at the sanctuary.

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