After losing her puppies the confounded doggy’s broken heart was treated by kittens

When a homeless doggy, whose name was Milo, was wandering near the border Arizona and Mexico was noticed by a Good Samaritan who took her to Sunshine Dog Rescue. At that time she was waiting for babies but she didn’t know about it. Unfortunately, the poor future mother lost all of her babies.

Milo was very intricate and disappointed. She looked for her babies everywhere, but useless. The savors began to search for other homeless puppies for the lonely mother who needed help and instead of puppies they found three kittens.

Fortunately, the kittens liked Milo and Milo liked them, too. The lucky mother began to take care about her new babies, especially she was closely connected to Gumball. It was inexplicably exciting that two members of the same family adopted Milo and Gumball: Davit and his sister adopted them.


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