“Left her husband and four kids for a homeless man”: The story of a woman who left her family for a homeless man

What happened to the woman who left her husband and kids for a homeless man?

This 40-year-old woman named Luisa had a wonderful family and a beloved job. Luisa had been married for already 10 years. The spouses were happily raising their four children and were devoted and very caring parents. Besides her main job, the woman periodically helped the homeless, whereas she had no idea that her life would radically change in near future.

Luisa was helping to a man who had no home, job and hardly survived for whom she became an angel. The thing is that Luisa was helping him start living in a normal way and had no idea that she would soon fall in love with him. Suddenly, the woman came into realization that she was actually married to a wrong person and was absolutely unhappy.

Soon, Luisa told her husband that she didn’t love him anymore and wanted to divorce leaving both the man and their four children. The woman lost a lot of weight and changed herself beyond unrecognition being in a relationship and absolutely happy with the man she fell in love with. After a while, the man found a job and the couple intended to get married, whereas they couldn’t. Luisa had extremely poor health and soon she started to have problems with her heart. Misfortunately, she passed away. The man for the sake of whom she left her husband and kids now doesn’t know how to live without her and is suffering.

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