This diver encounters exactly face-to-face with a gigantic shark in the coast of Florida

What a breathtaking and heart-thumping scene a diver appears in front of an immense marine creature

The breathtaking and unimaginable moment a brave-hearted diver appears exactly face-to-face with an enormous shark in Florida. The man successfully managed to catch the moment and shared it on social media.

This blessed photographer, named John Moore was in the process of diving when he accidentally meets the gigantic marine creature. Yet it was far not the first time he comes across an immense creature, this time it was definitely the closest encounter. The hungry shark was probably, at that moment, busy seeking a prey.

The shocked diver confessed it was the most gigantic and hugest creature he had ever seen during his entire life. Later on, the diver shared the heart-thumping moment in the internet.

The excited man explained the mammal was gradually approaching and, in the final court, appeared directly face-to-face to the its prey.

Despite the fact the enthusiastic diver had many cases like this and it was not the first time he comes across a huge shark, it wasn’t, frankly saying, the most enjoyable experience he had gone through. He was really shocked and scared. The mammal can weigh more than 1500 pounds. For more detailed information, below!


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