During the interview, he was strictly asked about his attitude towards cats and personal space

The user of the portal Reddit with the nickname chestman_unbound shared a touching and unusual story of his employment.  Being a  doctor by profession, he calmly answered the questions of the HR manager when he turned to the “main topic.”  At first, the applicant was asked to answer as sincerely as possible, and then he was asked “Do you like cats?”  And, as if to finish off the dumbfounded luminary of medicine, “Do you have problems with your personal space?”

When strange questions were asked, no one thought to explain what they were for.  They only warned that the lie would then create non-illusory problems.  The man honestly answered “Yes” and “No, I have not,” after which he was hired.  Some time passed when everything became clear – his immediate boss was a demanding and completely shameless kitty.

No, of course, the authorities are human, only the director is constantly on the road.  And the work must be done on a computer in his office and this is not a privilege, but a duty.  The boss’s cat lives there on a permanent basis, who believes that new employees are being hired for her.  For not getting bored – she has absolutely no sense of tact or respect for employees. Are you  doing an important report or research on advanced medicine?  But I’ll lie on my hand and you will scratch me!  You can’t go anywhere, this is an order!

It later became clear why he was so questioned at the interview.  The organization needed not only a specialized specialist, but also a person who was resistant to catty intrusiveness and who is able to work effectively in a cramped, but what is there, brazenly trampled on personal space!  Not everyone can do it. And the question is how to concentrate here?

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