“From Forgotten to Fabulous” Discover the Couple’s Unforgettable Home Renovation Adventure

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Abby and Trey bought a rundown mansion for $155K and turned it into a magical dream home! Though it was falling apart, Abby and Trey couldn’t resist the charm of the old mansion in Aberdeen, North Carolina.

They saw past the broken windows and locks and imagined a home full of stories waiting to be told. Abby and Trey felt a special connection to the mansion right away. Abby said it was like the feeling she had when she decided to marry Trey. Even though the house needed lots of repairs, Trey felt it was home as soon as he walked in.

The mansion is really old, about 109 years old! It’s super big, with 6,000 square feet of space. Abby and Trey had to spend an extra $268,000 to fix it up, but they thought it was worth it. The house has an incredible history, too. It used to belong to the Page family, which was an important family in North Carolina.

When you walked into the mansion, it felt like going back in time! There were old magazines and things from past parties everywhere. The kitchen was even in the basement, which was strange but cool.

One day, Abby found the mansion on a website called Zillow by accident! She zoomed out too far on the map and saw it. She and Trey thought they could make money from fixing it up, so they talked to some builders about how much it would cost. They were right! After fixing it, the mansion was worth over $900,000!

Abby and Trey wanted to keep everything old and special about the mansion. The couple loved the old floors and the fancy woodwork. They found lots of old things hidden away, like furniture and even a phone closet! Abby and Trey turned the phone closet into a fun red bathroom.

They had to fix up the dining room and kitchen too because part of the dining room was falling into the basement! But they made it strong again and even put a cool fireplace in the master bedroom. The couple found the names of the builders behind it, which was neat.

Abby’s great-grandma’s old clawfoot tub ended up in the bathroom. The mansion had lots of bedrooms, and they turned one into a nursery for their baby!

Abby and Trey worked really hard on the mansion because they loved it.

They want to stay there forever and share their stories with their family.

Abby feels proud of saving a piece of history, and she hopes other people will do the same after hearing their story.

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