He has helped many animals by giving them CPR and now it was the elephant’s turn  

He completed his task perfectly

After a terrible accident, this poor elephant got injured and needed quick help. Locals knew whom to call, and when rescuer Mana Srivate arrived, he was confused to see that he was going to save the elephant by CPR.

During his practice, he has rescued many animals in this way, but he it was the first time he dealt with an elephant.

Others who were there were focused only on the motorcyclist, who was also a victim of the accident, but this kindhearted man was trying to save the elephant.

Although Mana was confused, he managed to do his job quickly and luckily the cute animal was saved.

After it he was taken to a vet clinic for a checkup. When he got all the appropriate treatment, he returned to his family again.

This wonderful man became a savior for the elephant, too.

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