The relationship between the cute pet and the twin amazes everyone.

It is very fascinating to see how the doggy gets along with the babies.

The cute twin Hailey and Kaylee enjoy their days together by playing, laughing and even speaking, despite the fact that no one understands their baby language. But there is someone who understands them well. It is their pet, a nice Husky named Juno.

Juno likes to spend her time with babies and they have the same attitude towards the doggy. The cute animal does her best to make the girls laugh.

Their daddy decided to share a nice video by showing how closely they relate to each other. There is no need to say how many viewers are attracted by it. The case took place about 6 years ago and now the girls may be 6 years old. It isn’t a secret that if babies grow up with pets they become responsible, sociable and careful individuals.

After watching the video the viewers can’t keep their laugh, because the babies’ happiness and laugh are very amusing, while playing with their friend.

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