The dog was found in a terrible condition, and later something surprising was discovered about his past  

It’s how the injured canine appeared in this condition 

This kindhearted girl’s name is Tia, who enjoys helping animals in need and this one was not exception.

One day she went hiking with her daddy, and on their way home they came across a very heartbreaking scene.

They found a poor canine, who was injured and was hardly walking. They knew that the cutie needed medical care, so they must act quickly.

But they had a difficult path to pass, because they were far from their village, and it would take 6 hours to get there. Here Tia acted heroically. She lifted the doggie on  her shoulders and walked to the nearest vet clinic.

Because her father was 76 years old and was not strong enough, he couldn’t take it. So the girl completed the task by herself and due to her bravery, the dog was saved.

Tia agreed that it was one of the hardest things she had during her life.

On her way, she thought about leaving the animal, but then changed her mind and fought till the end. As a result, the doggie was taken to the vet and after getting some medical treatment, he finally recovered.

After a short time, the vets managed to find his owners and as it turned out he had been fallen from a high cliff and got injured. They thought that he didn’t stay alive, but a miracle happened.

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