A Wild Deer Appeared During a Wedding Shoot and Wanted to Eat the Bride’s Bouquet

The “hungry” deer who wanted to taste the bouquet of the bride

It isn’t always a good thing to have wedding crashers but an uninvited cute guest made the day even more special with his appearance for one young optimistic Michigan couple.

Morgan and Luke were feasting their wedding on the Felt Estate and during the time when they went away with their photographer for taking some wedding pictures and when they got to their destination they noticed a deer who looked at them very carefully and then walked towards the bride and the groom.

“The cutie started grabbing the bouquet flowers and just started to chew them and then he jumped over the fence and was watching the photoshoot process.”- told Bennett.

Later it turned out that the very deer is a real celebrity in the area who even appeared on the news for “photobombing” some more engagement photoshoots this summer.

The bride and the groom realized that the cute deer would definitely get the bouquet and they decided to give it self-willed.

The videographer managed to capture the sweetest meeting and wonderful moments:

When the married couple returned to the field later they found out a little “wedding gift” which the cutie had left for them — a white rose.

So, the couple was so optimistic that they didn’t get very angry at once when seeing the cutie but they treated him with great understanding and met him so warmly that the cutie even showed his gratitude by leaving a little present for them.


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