The husky with a strange face appeared in a caring family thanks to the internet. It is amazing!  

After being famous on social media, the abandoned doggy found her forever home

Recently, the Dom Khasky refuge shared a photo of a husky, who has unusual appearance. Her breeder left her thinking that nobody wanted to adopt the strange doggy.

But her photo became famous on social media and after a short time she was adopted.

There were approximately 150 animal lovers who wanted to take care about the cutie, but she was taken by a family, who had adopted other animals from the refuge before. The staff was sure the unique creature would be in the safe hands.

Her story began to spread all over the world very quickly and she became so popular that one of the famous evening shows of the USA spoke about the unusual animal. And even the refuge where she had stayed for 2 years, created T-shirts with her nice appearance.

The couple who adopted the baby, didn’t let the reporters mention their name in order not to be in the centre of the society’s attention.

The social media not only helped the animal find her forever home, but also made her become very famous.

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