The dog with breast cancer fought for his life until the end, but of course with the great support of his owner

Having such a loving owner is a great achievement!

Jam is a ten years old brave dog, who had many difficulties in the past, but managed to overcome them with the great support of his beloved owner Philip Strafford.

It was a nice day, when the man and the dog were playing together and when Jam lay on her back, the owner spotted something strange on her belly. It was an enormous golf ball-sized lump.

Philip immediately took the dog to a vet for checkup and after passing through some examination, it turned out that the canine had a breast cancer and needed a quick surgery.

After the surgery the dog again passed through some examination and luckily his cancer was low-grade. The owner was so excited to hear that the life of his beloved pet was not in danger anymore.

Jam and Philip are together for many years. He brought the dog in when he was still a puppy, so the bond between them is really strong.

Philip adores his pet and does his best to make his life better and happier. He is the lovely member of the family and everyone is so happy to have such a cute pet at home.

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