Scientists have recently found out why women are much more attracted to gloomy and brutal men

Here is the reason why majority of women are interested in gloomy men

The smiley man has few chances to attract a woman he likes, whereas the mysterious and brutal one has all the changes to win her heart making her madly fall in love with him. The recent statistics have shown that women are much more attracted to those with gloomy facial expression and here are the reasons why!

The research has proved that men who are smiley and funny don’t really attract women and the opposite sex doesn’t take them seriously in most cases. To be more exact, women see them as their friends rather than objects of love and passion. And what concerns men, they like smiley and funny women much more.

Smiley ones are for a company, the gloomy ones – for love.

The gloomy ones undoubtedly have more chances than the others.

Being brutal looks rather rude.

A smiley face and an easy-going character are not the features characteristic of a leader and a passionate partner for women. They are more interested in serious, brutal and powerful ones who can handle pain and overcome any problems and difficulties. Exactly in them, most woman see their partners and associate them with their protectors.

Women don’t like effeminate ones.

The scientists have found out that women are more attracted to those with a beard, brutal appearance and strong character. Their appearance should correspond to their inner world as well. In men, a number of women like brutality and courage.

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