The mandarin duck – the most adorable bird you have even seen

These creatures are so attractive!

All creatures are unique in their own way, but these birds are above everything. The mandarin duck- the most fascinating creatures in the world. Their attractive appearance excites everyone.

Due to their unique multi-colour features, they are always in the centre of attention. You can find these birds in Easter Asia, not only in the large lakes but also in the small ponds. They also can be found in the UK, Germany and USA.

Compared to females, the males have brighter colour with orange face and brown neck. Their bodies are also very colourful which make them more attractive.

But some europeans don’t want the lakes become full of these adorable birds.

Their origin came from the ancient times when the Mandarins brought some of them from China, but many of them were separated and made their own colonies and since that time their number has increased.

As concerns their food, generally they eat water plants, fishes and sometimes snails.

Here are some photos of these beautiful birds.

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