«In a feminine off-the-shoulder dress»: The spectacular appearance of Barrymore at the Comedy Awards impressed everyone

No one could take their eyes off Barrymore in a delicate off-the-shoulder dress

The recent spectacular appearance of 48-year-old Hollywood film star D. Barrymore in a graceful black outfit made a splash. It was hardly possible to take their eyes off the actress’s ultra-feminine dress.

It is worth mentioning that the outstanding actress faced with many difficulties she was bound to experience, including problems with drugs, alcohol and depression. She found enough strength and determination to cope with all this and is now healthy.

To support his co-star A. Sandler, she was eager to come to the Kennedy Center. The famous comedian deservedly received the prestigious Mark Twain Award. Her elegant off-the-shoulder dress pleasantly surprised everyone around.

The popular movie star completed her interesting look with massive earrings with shimmering stones and several matching rings. Her laconic and elegant clutch became the cherry on the cake.

It should be mentioned that A. Sandler and her have brilliantly starred in «The Wedding Singer», «Blended» and «50 First Dates» over the past years.

Many Hollywood stars including Barrymore came to openly support him without any hesitation and the result was pleasing. According to Daily Mail, they all proudly stood up and applauded as soon as the actor walked on the stage.

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