A kindhearted Ziva sheltered a three weeks old baby fox, that became orphaned

A special friendship between a fox and a dog

It’s very essential for babies, both human and animal to receive love and attention from their mothers, especially in the begging of their life.

But sometimes the fate is not kind to animals, who lost their mothers, it’s very difficult for them to survive in the wildlife.

And such incident happened to a baby fox, whose mother died in a car accident and the baby became leftover.

He was only three weeks old, and it couldn’t probably have survived, if the rescuers wouldn’t have found him.

The poor baby was taken to the vet clinic. Fortunately it didn’t have any injuries.

Soon he was able to find a loving and warm home.

A generous couple, Angelika and Werner from Oberscheld, who are fond of animals sheltered the baby and named it Dinozzo.

They also had a dog Ziva, a bengal cat Leopold and two small piglets.

All the family members immediately befriended Dinozzo.

But Ziva started to treat the baby as its own and it helped the baby to overcome the loss of his mother.

Not only Ziva, but also Leopold loved the little fox from the first meeting.

There are many cases of a friendship between two different species, but this one is special.

A generous dog became not only mother for the little baby, but also his best friend, that will be next him everywhere.

They like to cuddle, play and even sleep together. And recently the fox learned to get in and out by the cat door.

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