This human did a brave thing by adopting a wolf pup and making her a loving pet  

Wild animals can also be so loving and cute!

This kindhearted woman named Alida did something amazing, when she decided to adopt a baby wolf from the shelter and give her the second chance at life.

Seeing that Kira, the wolf, needed human love and support, who was rejected by her own mother, she decided to take her home.

Alida adopted her on her birthday and since the first day of the wolf’s arrival, they are inseparable. At first the woman began to feed her with bottle, and then took her to a vet. When she got sure that everything was ok with the animal, Alida started to train and domesticate her. The cute animal learnt how to socialise with people.

Now Kira is a year old and befriends with almost everyone. She has a strong friendship with the woman’s son and loves to have a great time with him.

Alida helped the baby overcome all the difficulties and made her life better and happier. Thanks to her efforts, the wolf is safe and healthy.

When people want to approach her, at first they get afraid, but after realising that the wolf is domesticated, they start petting her.

The wolf is so kind towards dogs, too, who approach her and want to befriend with her.

Kira is so loving and friendly!

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