The pregnant dog was waiting for her fate in the tomb, but the volunteers were in time

Ksenia Smirnova met her beloved dog two and a half years ago. She took the pet from a volunteer, when she was only two months old.  

The baby’s mother, being pregnant, ended up in a burial place in Belarus. Only by a miracle did people manage to save the poor thing and her future puppies from death. The dog was sent to St. Petersburg, where it turned out, that it was too late to sterilise the animal. A week later, the pet gave birth to five healthy puppies and they all turned out to be girls!  

Volunteers began to look for the best owners for the babies, and one of the crumbs got to Ksenia Smirnova. Ksenia is happy, that now a smart and loving dog lives in her house. She became the favourite of the while family, and it is not surprising, because these big eyes can charm anyone.  

The first months in the new home were surprisingly easy for the baby! The girl says, that it is impossible even to dream of a better dog. 

But everything could be different. Had no good people had time to save the dog from the tomb, five cute puppies wouldn’t have been born. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers, all members of this fluffy family have long found a home and live happily.  

Thanks to kind people!

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