The kind dog decided to adopt a homeless kitten, when he saw it on the street

The kitty, that became a fill member of the family thanks to their dog


A loving dog, named Baylee and his family went into a new house. While exploring the new area, the dog and his owner noticed a stray kitten wondering in the street.



People felt sorry for her and started to give her food. The dog wanted to befriend her, as the owner could remember Baylee was regularly going to the backyard to check the little kitten.



At first none of Baylee’s family members understood her actions. Baylee’s owner says, that the dog has never been friends with other wild animals. It reveals how compassionate she is.



The whole family was able to acquire the poor kitten’s trust. They did the same as Baylee, just started to care for the baby. The cute kitty follows Baylee everywhere.



“We can now say, that she is a full member of our family, as she is loved and cared 24 hours a day by everyone” said the owner.


Isn’t it a really heartwarming story?

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