Loyal Guide Dog’s Heroic Act: Salty Saves Blind Owner’s Life in the Face of Danger

He was one of the survivors 🐶❤️👨‍🦰

On September 11, 2011 there was an awful terrorist attack on the twin towers and the date is now attached in everyone’s memory. The story is about a Columbian engineer named Omar Eduardo Rivera, who is one of the survivors of the catastrophe thanks to his beloved guide dog named Salty. He wasn’t seeing anything as he had lost his vision.

When the attack occurred Omar was at work on the 71st floor of Tower 1 in the offices of New York and New Jersey technological services were.

When the attack happened Omar took Salty by his leash and ran to the emergency exit, but he knew it would be difficult for him to escape the situation, as he wasn’t seeing anything. He considered freeing his beloved puppy, but the puppy considered staying by his owner’s side and called for help.

Omar was rescued from the tower thanks to his puppy’s love and loyalty to him. It was about an hour, that they managed to escape from the tower. Omar told, that around 8:44 in the morning he saw the jet and it crashed into the building. The building started shaking.

He felt, that the building would collapse after a matter of time. The man prayed to God to rescue him from the situation and continue his life with his daughter, wife and mother.

Omar and Salty were very close to one another and that’s why he managed to survive the attack. They were best friends and the dog even saw his owner’s grandchildren.

The puppy passed away in 2008, but he was awarded a Dickin Medal in honor of his courage.

Omar continued to thank Salty for his rescue and the chance to continue his life unharmed and safe. It was their strong connection, that helped the man escape the collapsing building.

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