Disco Dancer” then and now. What does his wife and kids look like?

Surely those of our readers who were born no later than the 80s at least once in their lives watched films with the participation of Mithun Chakraborty. It was this guy from the most ordinary family who managed to realize the dreams of all Indians. He became the most successful and influential actor in India.

From childhood, teachers noted the unusual artistry and charisma of the baby, and therefore no one was surprised that already at school he participated in theatrical productions.

The worldwide popularity of the actor brought the role in the film “Disco Dancer”. It was this film that Soviet viewers could watch several times and each was just as emotional for them.

Mithun was married twice, the first was before fame and the couple separated very quickly due to financial problems. The second time he married actress Yogita Bali. For the sake of the family, the woman left her career and devoted herself entirely to her husband and children.

Three sons were born in the family, and years later the couple adopted a girl.

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