The Family Has Been Taking the Same Photo for 10 years and It Seemed to Many People That It Was Done to See the Daughter’s Growing up Process But That Wasn’t So

Family photos not only preserve memories but they can also become a real family tradition as it happened in the case of the Wong family. In 2008 when their daughter Tiffany was just born they took a photo of their baby together with her father which turned out to be so cute and cozy that Wong even wanted to repeat it. “ I was very tired. Maybe I just changed my daughter’s diaper and went to rest after that and she just fell asleep in my arms and at that moment all the pets suddenly came to us.”-tells Tiffany’s father. However, this picture wouldn’t have become the beginning of a whole series if not for Tiffany, who noticed after 5 years that the photo turned out to be very good and it would be nice to repeat it which the family did until 2018.

Many users liked the atmosphere in the picture but the head of the family drew the users’ attention to another detail that only few people noticed. Tiffany’s father said that many Chinese families throw their pets out on the street as soon as they find out that a woman is pregnant because they are afraid of the infection. The Wong family decided not to abandon their pets despite the possible danger: “We had two pets during my wife’s pregnancy and my daughter has never been in the hospital in ten years.” says Tiffany’s father.

The Wong family didn’t just share the story of their daughter growing up but they highlighted an important issue.

Wong decided not to give up their pets either during pregnancy or after the birth of their daughter.








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