What the baby boy, whom Madonna adopted more than 14 years ago, currently looks like

How Madonna’s adoptive boy has changed

The true icon and queen of pop music, Madonna, decided to adopt this adorable baby boy 14 years ago and gave him the name David.

Besides David, the popular and beloved singer has a biological daughter Lola Lion born in 1996 and a son Rocco and adopted Merci, a daughter Stella and Esther whom she loves equally and unconditionally.

David currently lives in Portugal and, in order not to be separated from her son, Madonna purchased a house in that county and moved to live with her beloved son.

David is a truly intelligent and talented boy who is fond of playing football and is a member of the local team. What is more, the guy takes a great interest in music and is a really artistic personality.

At the moment, David lives with his caring mother and is in good and warm relationships with all his siblings.

Did you know that Madonna also raises adoptive children?

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