A Kitten Who Was Rescued Together With His Sisters Fell in Love With a House Mistress and Her Cat Whom He Initially Treated Suspiciously

Three little kittens were overexposed for a better life. They were so thin and wild and they had a lot to grow and learn.

The kittens came to me very skinny and dirty, so I assumed that they had been on their own for a while before getting into the IndyHumane rescuers in Indianapolis, Indiana,” tells Jennifer who is an overexposure volunteer.

“At about four weeks of age the cuties lagged behind in height and weight by about 350 grams each.”

Despite their dire condition, the two striped female catties named Plesk and Cap were full of insolence. Their red-haired brother Splash was shy at first and this couldn’t be changed even with good food and soft bedding.

Cap is the most playful of the trinity and she loves new environments and toys so much.

A few days later the red-haired guy changed his angry behavior towards his foster mother for mercy and even climbed onto her knees to give her a good hug.

Splash the catty was the most suspicious of me at first. He even hissed when I entered the room but now he is obsessed with me. He wants to purr on my lap all the time while I am scratching his head and cheeks,” says Jennifer.

With proper care, comfortable environment and nutritious food the cute kittens began to gain fat and use their newfound energy.

Jennifer spoils them with an assortment of toys and climbing frames in order to keep the trio away from getting bored.

Jennifer’s cat’s name is Teddy. He is an older brother of the foster kittens and he was very delighted with the newcomers.

The first meeting took place without any contact. Two girls were interested in Teddy but Splash wasn’t. The cutie behaved the same way with me at first but he quickly thawed out,” tells Jennifer.

After about two weeks of overexposure, the kittens were finally ready to communicate with their local relative.

Teddy the cutie jumped right into the arena and immediately took up the role of a mentor. He just loves to take the control!”- tells the mistress.

Watch Teddy the catty with his tricks in the video:

It always seems to me that Teddy knows what his pupils need and opens his arms to those who need it most.”- tells the woman.

Splash has definitely become the most self-confident kitten in the group and he loves to be picked up and stroked! “

Teddy the cutie has the secret of magic touching which helps the kittens gain confidence. The catty comes, plays with restless babies and then calms them down.

Due to these kittens Teddy experienced what it was like to be a caring older brother and he became a permanent family member and best friend to all the foster kittens.

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