Beyonce with her daughter appeared in similar gorgeous and shining dresses on the red carpet

Beyonce and her daughter in shiny and glamorous dresses surprised everyone

The long-waited premiere of the movie “the Lion King” took place in Hollywood. As a tradition, in the premiere there were many famous celebrities including actors, singers, beauty models, etc. Many appeared accompanied with their families and children as the legendary film is beloved and popular both with adults and kids.

Among the guests there was Beyonce with her awesome child as well.


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She came to Hollywood with her adorable 7-year-old daughter named Blue Ivy. They appeared in similar gorgeous and admirable dresses – shining jackets and translucent skirts.

The popular singer chose a luxurious and glamorous tuxedo jacket with crystal stones from Alexander McQueen. The shining stones merged well with the jewelry on Beyonce.


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Публикация от Beyoncé (@beyonce)

The look was completed with semitransparent skirt. Their spectacular and mind-blowing appearance literally left everyone speechless.

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