Park workers saved a doggy who had been trapped in a hole for a few days

The doggy was rescued due to the park staff

This incredibly touching story is about a kind-hearted worker and his colleagues, who are trail crew members. His name is Ross Williams, who was doing trail maintenance when the man suddenly heard some howling sounds.

These sounds literally amazed the man and after his shift with two other kind staff members – Jeremy Browning and Jonathon O’Neil, they decided to go in the direction of the sounds.

When they reached the place, they found a cute doggy trapped in a crevasse. The three caring men immediately took out the doggy out of there and if it were not these humane men, the cutie would hardly survive. The workers even found the doggy’s owner from his collar’s notice and called him. The owner arrived as soon as possible and thanked the three good-natured men so much!

The wonderful fluffy creature was rescued due to the kind-hearted people, who did their best to assist the doggy.

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